Here are a few frequently asked question:

1. “Where do the coaching sessions take place?”
I coach in-person, online (through services like Skype and FaceTime), and over the phone. After we talk I will send you directions to a private/public coaching space near the Princeton campus.

2. “What happens at our first session?”
I pride myself on creating an individualized plan. Our work begins with an Initial Conference and Diagnostic in which we discuss goals and your history of english speaking. I will record your reading of a specific prompt, which includes all the sounds of the english language as well as informal conversations. We will end the first session with setting initial goals and beginning exercises for you to take home. Following this meeting, I will create a detailed map of your speaking pattern with special attention to deviations from the “standard american” pronunciation, intelligibility, syllable emphasis, speech cadence, and unnecessary tension. In our second meeting, we will review this document, discuss your individualized plan, and begin to work toward your goals.

3. “How many sessions will I need?”
Every student has a different journey. Once we discuss goals we can get a more accurate view of your path.

4. “How much do session cost? Do you have any discounts?”
Contact me for specific quotes.  Your first two sessions include the detailed diagnostic which you can take to any speech pathologist for a second opinion or to continue study. After that point we can set a discounted rate if you are interested in paying for a series of sessions in advance. Sessions are payable in cash, check, credit, or Paypal.

Single-Session Fees:  Please Contact me for specific rate quotes.  Every speaker has different needs and we want to find the right path for you.

Student, Educational, and Workshops Rate Quotes Available

I want you to feel comfortable during the process. Please let me know if you have any questions.

I look forward to meeting you!